Savana Styles

  • 57.4kviews
  • Birthday:
    26 December 1989
  • Birth place:
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Height:
    5'9" (175cm)

Savana Styles is an exotic goddess straight from Montreal Canada. This incredible French-Canadian diva makes perfect use of her sensual curves, insatiable appetites and sexy French accent. She started out in the adult industry in 2015 and so far has been nominated twice for "Most Epic Ass" by AVN. You may recognize Savana more as a blonde, but she occasionally alters her look to give her fans something new. She's been known for notable appearances in MILF and anal sex scenes but has also performed in a wide range of girl-on-girl features. Experience her in premium virtual reality!

Rainy Savana Nights
Une Mesure Disciplinaire

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