Tali Dova

  • 75.7kviews
  • Birthday:
    3 April 1994
  • Birth place:
    Michigan, Michigan, United States
  • Height:
    5'8" (173cm)

New beautiful brunette porn star, Tali Dova represents the new generation of porn stars. First off, she's an avid gamer. You name it, she's probably played it. She takes her first name from a "Mass Effect" video game character and her last name literally translates to "dragon" from the Elder Scroll's Skyrim universe! This green-eyed vixen prefers nerdy and intelligent men who can challenge her intellectually, otherwise, she's just not interested. Tali is truly a breath of fresh air for the porn industry. Now you can "play" her in your own immersive virtual reality porn when you strap on your VR headset!

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Legal Briefs
Stepdaughter & Lawyer

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