Veronica Avluv

  • 493kviews
  • Birthday:
    23 November 1972
  • Birth place:
    Rowlett, Texas, USA
  • Height:
    5'3" (160cm)

Veronica Avluv is the unforgettable busty cutie everyone is talking about. This raven-haired goddess was born in Texas and at 5'3" she's a sexy firecracker that will turn all of your MILF fantasies into reality. Veronica knew there was a desire for more confident MILF stars in the adult world and entered the adult film industry later in life. She perfected her seduction while dancing and performing at leading clubs around America. This award-nominated MILF superstar is now available in mind-blowing VR!

8 Videos
Teachers Pet
Home Is Where Your Step Mom Squirts
Tea And Squirt Time With Step Mom
In Love With Veronica Avluv
Tea And Squirt Time With Mom

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