From The Vault: I Want To Try Something New

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43 min  •  30 October, 2022

Elena Koshka has a way about her that is completely captivating. Her beautiful brunette hair, soft lips, sparkling blue eyes and compact body make her one of the most attractive and elegant women we have ever had at VRHush. There is some magic that occurs when she bites her lip and looks longingly into the camera daring you to come closer. Elena Koshka is the type of woman who has not only mastered the art of seduction but can back it up with her nearly limitless ability to blow your mind in bed. Elena Koshka can't wait to take you into her bedroom for some intense one on one time.

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Comments (3)
2 months ago
Another strange file size where the high resolution is lower in file size. 8k 8.6GB / 6k 10.4GB
5 months ago

You are correct. This is a remaster of an older scene. Not sure what year it came out. I have it on my hard drive somewhere.

Haven’t checked out the remaster though. I think I’ll download when I get home.

I think Elena recently started shooting again. I would love to see this long legged super goddess make a return to Wankz!
5 months ago
Elena is one of the most beautiful women to do porn. She's also pretty orgasmic which is great. But she tends toward the 'sensual' fucking spectrum. In other words, kinda slow fucking with teasing, and stops immediately when she orgasms. For this reason, she isn't my favorite female porn actress in terms of performance.

In terms of looks though, head to toe she is drop dead gorgeous. She has super star looks. She could legit be a non porn super model or been a movie star with those looks.

There are a few girls that rival her in the porn industry strictly in terms of looks, but not many.

Stunt cock was...I want to say on the smaller side, but in reality he's probably just average. I would much rather have her coupled with The White Knight or Mr. Gusto, two guys that are wonderfully hung, keep it hard, and do good on the fucking consistently.

Sex was alright. I actually did take more than the typical number of screenshots, but mostly because she's so beautiful. There were some highlights though, like the toe fucking sequence. I'm not a foot guy, but...having a girl ride my toe is one of those special order type things you don't see very often and it's pretty kinky.

Technical aspects. I downloaded the 7k version but it felt more like uprezed 5k. In reality, I would say it's probably 5k in terms of resolution and clarity, and I've seen much better 5k. Hush is kinda all over the place quality wise, but maybe that's because they have a decent sized library that goes back aways to the early days of vr porn. I have a feeling based on looking at Elena this is an older video that got some love because she is so beautiful. Maybe 2018 or 2019?

If you like her look, be sure to check out the Wankz library. She did at least a few Wankz vids, and those are some of her BEST performances that I have seen. Wankz really did her justice in their videos in terms of quality and content.
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