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5KOh! I Didn't Even See You There!

40 min  •  21 July, 2021

You own and run a sorority house. All of the girls are kind and you keep to your own business. This one chick though, Sophia Lux, seems to always be flirting with you. She always seems to be walking around the house wearing little to nothing. Constantly walking around with nothing on but a towel. The exact same thing happened today. Sophia Lux walks out of the shower only holding a towel in front of her. She knew you were home and nearby. She acted shocked but only held the towel in front of her as she walked back to her room. You couldn't help but notice she tossed a flirtatious glance your direction before she disappeared behind the door. A few minutes later you noticed that she left her door wide open and was butt naked in front of her mirror. She pretends that she doesn't see you in the doorway, but you know she is playing a game. Sophia Lux turns around and pulls you into her bedroom by the hand. Time to appreciate her exquisite body and make her scream your name...

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Comments (3)
2 days ago

Hello! Welcome to the forum!

Since you may be stopping by from time to time to get feedback on your scenes. I would like to offer a differing opinion to @tonyx1370083.

I personally like when the stuntcock uses his hands. Since I can’t use my own hands while watching the scene. To grab some tits, spank her ass, grab her hips for better leverage, etc… having the stuntcock do those things is the next best thing.

If the stuntcock just lays there and doesn’t do anything. I find the scenes quite boring. The girl might as well be using a Tommy Torso or something.

Also, many times when the stuntcock just lays there. And the actress is forced to do all the work. I often see the boredom on the actress’s face. And they just seem to go through the motions.

Filming VR scenes is awkward enough for the actress. If you add bad sex on top of that. They may not choose to do more VR scenes in the future.

Just my opinion. Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!
2 days ago
@tonyx1370083 - Hey bud! I represent the VRH and VRA team here on POVR. Starting to engage in the comments of this platform and really appreciate the advice. Since this platform is new, we are releasing some of our back catalogue before our newest releases. Over time, you will see more current content from our studio hitting POVR. That being said, you are absolutely right. We've learned an immense amount since the launch of this scene and have greatly reduced this type of situation. As always, I take notes on the advice / CC and ensure we implement it in upcoming shoots. Thanks for taking the time to comment! If you have any shot / plot ideas, feel free to let me know. We've shot many fan requested scenes / talent / positions. We are a small team and really want to create a product for the fans. Cheers!
6 days ago
Great scene overall. However, why can't you have the model do no grabbing or at least keep it to minimum. The missionary style got overdone in this aspect imo.
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