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Comments (4)
@thejinx2Na just reach out to the company and directors. They are all over social media. How do you think they finally booked Kesha Ortega, twice :) Wait until you see who's coming up. Kesha even wore her clear heeled sandals. Sexy head to toes
Valeria Gonzales is indeed dropdead cute, but editing and camera postions are underwhelming in this one.
Especially the ending is *spoiler alert* a strange wanking fiasco (?).
Like thejinx2Na I really hope another company will be shooting with Valeria Gonzales soon.
(Yes I mean you WankzVR. Haven't you noticed my constant winking while I wrote this? ;) )
I think you aughta find a way to cast her again under your own brand.
She's a killer
Scene Description:
Tonight you will spend the evening with Colombian teen beauty, Valeria Gonzales. With her pretty face, tight body and big sexy ass she is going to give you a night you will never forget! She seductively removes her tight black dress to reveal a super sexy body and she teases you by licking and sucking your bulging cock. Watching her big ass as you pound her from behind is a site you need to see!

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