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Lust In The Living Room
Cumming On a Cute Teens Culo
Big Breast Badness
Curvaceous Colombiana
Pump My Big Ass
Pretty Pleasures
Cum On My Bum
Cheeky Little Chica
Comments (8)
@wvr_bot That's a whole lot of beautiful woman right there! Nice scene!
Loved this model and scene! What a woman. Extremely beautiful. Saw this days ago, still can't finish the scene. Hot outfit and heels too
I can usually tell its either up to close or big scale cuz if i zoom out on my phone her knees still cut out, im betting this looks giant scale/larger then life. 🤷‍♂️
Curious why they took out the 2 minutes of missionary? Because on VRLatina it says 43 minutes but its a 41 minute video, and tags & pictures SHOW the missionary position? 😒😒
Scene Description:
You are feeling unwell and you visit the Nurse to get yourself checked, but when the curvy Sheila Ortega enters the room the only person getting checked is her! She looks you up and down and declares you to be looking fine, damn fine! She undoes her top to reveal her huge breasts and you can almost smell her perfume as she moves closer to you and starts to undress fully. Download this scene to experience fucking one hot curvy Latina!

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