A Wankzmas Carol

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74 min  •  23 December, 2021

Grab hold of your Dickens this Wankzmas season and enter VR to be part of a XXX classic. As Ebenezer Splooge you own what was once the hottest strip club in town but now you've lost your mojo and that Wankzmas spirit. Melody Marks, Scarlett Mae and Charlotte Sartre work the club with a cold chill in the air, but when you retire for a warm winter's night, you'll get a very sexy lesson from your past, present and future! Learn the true meaning of Wankzmas and fuck as Melody, Scarlett and Charlotte transform to help you get your holiday groove back. Cock bless us everyone!

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Comments (42)
2 weeks ago
This is a masterpiece.
3 weeks ago
Back on track. Well done. So ever since my harsh critique at the start of the year, you guys did a banger job with the holiday specials. The Easter, Halloween and Wankzmas scenes were back to what I expect out of those special occasions from WankzVR.

Also keep changing up the starring models. I liked that very much throughout the year. As good as the usual suspects were back in the day I much prefer keeping things fresh and changing things up instead of seeing the same faces every holiday season.

As for this scene in particular. Definetly top tier. I agree with a lot of the positives the posters before me mentioned.
What I liked most definetly was the theme of it. Scrooge being a strip club owner that lost his swagger. Also banger job on the ghostly appearances.

After a slow, meh start this year shaped up to be a great WankzVR year with awesome holiday scenes, great debuts and all time favorite scene material.

Another year of subscription well earned.

I can't wait for this week to conclude and discuss best scenes of 2021 with ya'll.
3 weeks ago
Okay, so let's start with "frozen strip club security guard".
I mean, did he really need to get up on the bed with me and in my face like that?
Scared the fucking crap out of me. 😆 I know I was watching a VR production but I still flinched. That's a great compliment in a way. But seriously, almost as disturbing as Easter bunny guy with a sword. Almost.

The lighting throughout was awesome. It was hazy and dream-like without sacrificing clarity. That probably isn't an easy balance. I was really into the soft lights and almost "purplish" backgrounds and then the vibrant colors of the women that were up closer. Great attention to detail when pairing outfits and colors with the ladies (example green holly with red berries in Scarlett's hair).

Sound effects were also perfectly placed and added a movie quality. Not a movie for the Hallmark channel though.
It would be a shame to only watch this scene during the "holiday season". I think it has stand-alone power as a great scene that keeps giving all year long.
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