Any Given Funday

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49 min  •  27 June, 2017

Like any good Coach, you help shape young minds and bodies. Your hard work has been noticed all across the county and other teams want a taste of your winning formula. Aubrey Sinclair is a horny cheerleader for your biggest rivals and when you're back on her campus she wants to meet up! Will Aubrey be a satisfying distraction before the big game? Let this pigtailed college cutie show you why she's at the top of the pyramid!

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Comments (69)
10 months ago
Postponed from Dec. 26, 2021
I've seen Aubrey in plenty of 2Ds. This is my first chance to see her in VR. She has great smile & fun attitude. Not particularly fond of cheerleader or school girl outfits, but that's just me & certainly not a deal breaker. Well, it's not as far as Aubrey is concerned. 🔥 Yeah, suck on my finger & shake that fine ass. Love when eating her pussy from behind she spreads her lips & says, "my pussy's so wet" & as if on cue drips on the desk. She turns around to show her blonde muff. YES! Her black panties are pulled to the side as I slide my cock right inside. We fuck for a bit, she sucks my cock & kisses me. Then asks me to fuck her from behind. Normally, prone bone Yay! Today it's prone bone, meh. If I could change one thing it would be for Aubrey to lose the cheerleader outfit. Eight minutes of uninterrupted prone bone ruined by it. If I was giving the outfit a pass in the beginning of the movie I'm certainly not now. Then she gets naked for CG & RCG & they are both fire. Especially the RCG 🔥, but why didn't she get naked for prone? *kicks pebble* 😢 Thumb up for most of the scene, thumbs down for those 8 minutes.

ps - So, that's supposed to be an abandoned locker room? 🤣🤣🤣 C'mon! At least in "Two Girls, One World Cup" there was a semblance of a locker room. Here, you weren't even trying. 😂😂
5 years ago
Download keeps getting interrupted. Have tried several times.
5 years ago
Yep. Another download.
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