April's Pool Lay

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48 min  •  12 October, 2021

As you relax and dip your feet in the pool you can see April Olsen has had a long day. You caught the end of an argument between her and her husband-to-be and she is done letting him have the last word! This time, she'll be getting hers by taking yours! Be in the right place and in the right time for pussy when April's passions ignite and seek out some serious dick. Will the lover's quarrel mean more fucking for you? Yes!

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Comments (30)
2 months ago
Pros and Cons since no one asked:

Pros: April is a goddess!! I’m newly discovering her and just wow!! Her body, face, voice & immersive convincing acting is easily 10/10!! The blowjob & cowgirl/reverse cowgirl angle and lighting is perfection!! Her desire to get spanked was such a turn on!

Cons: Speaking of spanking, she was basically begging for more spanks yet this dude failed to deliver, which fails us. Additionally, at 32:55 while getting fucked from behind, she tells him to choke her, but he doesn’t! In fact I don’t think he did the entire time. She would look so sexy being choked. Fail. Also, during doggy, I feel that her knees could have been more forward to give us a better ass-up angle & really make her ass pop out. Instead we got that awkward frog doggy style, if that makes sense. I agree with others that the close up mish was too close and too short.

Other than these, this scene is a keeper for sure! J/o’d to it twice cuz I didn’t last long the first time, she’s just too fckn hot!! 🔥
7 months ago
April’s so fuckin hot…I hope we see lots more of her!
8 months ago
You know how those animated wolves' eyes bug out & they howl when they see Bugs Bunny dressed as a she rabbit? Yeah, that was me when April walked over & slid her feet into the pool. God, it's hot out here! 😓 Not only does she say all the right things, but doesn't sound like a PS when saying them. She's direct & knows what she wants. Sexy head to toe & awesome pussy. If you ask me (and you didn't) my body & hers were too big from 5:00 - 29:00. After that tho, it was fine. I liked pounding her in mish watching her tits bounce all around. And when it was all over she was like, "Be good to yourself Bye" She says we'll have other times together, but I can't help feeling this is the last I'll see of her. ☹️ 😢
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