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43 min  •  23 June, 2017

Join porn cuties Adria Rae and Megan Sage for an epic VR sex session. Megan has been craving for some serious fun and wants to introduce her cute but inexperienced friend Adria to new XXX sensations. Adria is keen to the idea and decides to let loose. Deal out some hard cock in this mind-blowing VR threesome!

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Comments (120)
3 months ago
@Staff_Trevor If that's the case, then hypothetically can't studios do the same thing with incest themed porn. I mean they could do similar pre-interviews, aftercare and exit interviews like kink.com does. Incest and rape are both preety illegal lol. It's not like rape is looked favourably upon in society and incest isn't.
3 months ago
> @udontknowme kink.com ... How did they get away with that?

You may have seen an edit that was on a tube site, but Kink.com tends to do pre-interviews, aftercare, and exit interviews as part of their full production. Safety and consent are a huge part of safe BDSM, and putting the whole process on camera really lays it out that everyone is OK with what's going on.
3 months ago
> @petermc You can show actors portraying incest on tv but not in porn.

I remember hearing cherie deville say that she did an incest scene on missax.com where her character drugs her son and fucks him afterwards. So, you're basically getting incest, drugs and rape all in that one scene. but yeah, you don't usually see that in porn. The closest is all step-family stuff. I do like the incest stuff tho, the ones with a lot of mommy/daddy dirty talk. I do think it's strange that hardcore bdsm where women are shown gettting whipped and screaming in pain is all good and dandy for banks and credit card companies but saying mommy and daddy in porn is a big no-no lol
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