Baby Got Bach

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46 min  •  22 November, 2016

Every Tuesday afternoon you secretly look forward to the forty five minutes you get to spend with Alex Blake. After all, you're her private piano teacher. You know she's only eighteen but you still can't help getting turned on by her sexy teen body. Then, it happens. She strokes your lap! Against your better judgment, you watch her as she takes out your raging hard cock...

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Comments (17)
8 months ago
Alex - Day 1

Alex is super cute here. She really pulls off the school uniform nicely. Except those horrid stockings, they can go.

At the door I have trouble understanding what she is saying. Played it 3 times & still understood half. When I see the shower thru the double doors I realize this is the Antler place. How many rooms does this place have anyway? ... Hold on while I check something ,,,
I think "Love Shack" with Sky Pierce is also in this house. Looks like I can see the piano in the other room from the supposed cabin in the woods. Hard to say, really. If it is then the Antler House just keeps going & going. Christ! 😲

Alex is absolutely horrible at the piano. When she play her "piece" & say she probably could spend five more minutes on it I double over with laughter. 😂

She makes me nervous when she sits on the piano to masturbate. 😬 Careful! This isn't a plastic table in a Halloween Party scene where you can haphazardly knock stuff down. 😬

Loved the slow bj, eating her pussy, & slow rcg with her panties on. Around 33:00 by the time she took her panties off to face me & climbed on, 💦💦💦 Whew I glad I came when I did.

There came a point where she is fake riding. There is no need for that, Just do something else, anything else. Then there's that weird as hell angle from 39:45 'til stunt dude cums. 🤨

I don't what it is about Alex here, but it's the best she's ever looked. Maybe the makeup or something like that? Could be she doesn't have bangs. I dunno, but whatever it is she's hot! 🔥 But just because you're smoking doesn't mean I want you to play th ... Oh no! Too late! 🙉😫
10 months ago
There is a quality problem with the video, it is not in 6k, is this a bug? can it be repaired ?
4 years ago
I had to rewatch this in anticipation for her new scene! Alex is such a cutie, love her chilled out attitude. Can't wait for the new scene today!
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