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75 min  •  30 May, 2017

Wish they were all California girls? Aidra Fox is back home in LA after a year away at her all-girls college. Instinct kicks in and she finds herself in your backyard to escape the boredom of her family life. She's eager to play and can't keep her hands off of you. Aidra has one more surprise lined up as her sexy friend, Chloe Scott arrives to join in. Aidra learned a thing or two at her new school and puts her skills to good use!

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Comments (60)
Last month
Jeezus, Aidra can really suck a cock! 😍

That smile ... those dimples ... her body! 🔥
Never even made it to Chloe. 💦💦💦

When Chloe did show up they took turns eating each other's butthole. I was mesmerized at Aidra's tongue licking Chloe's ass. I rewound that part three times. My god it was sooo hot! 😓

Later in CG when Aidra was grinding me while Chloe held her hair back I was able to cum again. 💦💦

Wow! Twice in one movie. That is super rare for me. Chloe is nice, but truthfully it could have been anyone. This was Aidra's show all the way. 🥰

Now, excuse me while I download every Aidra flick I can find. ❤️
3 years ago
I usually don't care about video quality in porn because a hot scene was never dependent on how clear it looks. But with VR, it's extremely important and you guys have done a great job with these remasters. They look almost CzechVR quality (my gold standard).
3 years ago
@thesroman3 The file sizes are huge because these are remastered and therefore the source quality is "delicate" and won't stand up to heavy compression. You don't go to all the trouble of squeezing every last drop of pixel fidelity out of a file so that it just about matches good quality modern footage, only to then compress the hell out of it before it reaches your audience. Be thankful that Wankz are investing in the storage and bandwidth to support the highest quality / lowest compression files. It's a good thing but it's not the new normal for regular scenes, it's only necessary because they're remastered, and you don't have to download the biggest files - although you should :)
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