Backdoor Chores

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63 min  •  6 June, 2017

Today, the very hard working but naive Nicole Clitman learns a lesson in reading the fine print. She answered your ad and arrives at your place to earn a little coin for some housekeeping. The only thing she'll be cleaning is your cock as you hand Nicole her uniform for the day. She looks at the skimpy schoolgirl outfit and realizes this is a new opportunity for fun. Fill all of Nicole's tight holes in jaw-dropping virtual reality right now!

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Comments (70)
10 months ago
When Nicole asked, "Do you need me to show you if I can sweep the floor, or mop the floor?" I said replied, "Show me, sand the floor!" Then I couldn't stop laughing because I was high as fuck. 🤣 Loved the close up of her pussy. Didn't get that in the last movie. And the way she sucks my cock & grinds her hips while riding me. Most of all, I love LOVE the way she doesn't try to oversell it like most sex performers. When she's sweaty & grinding, & moaning with her whispered breath it really makes me believe it's real. None of this over the top, "Oh baby yeah fuck me I'm coming I'm coming oh baby oh daddy" nonsense. This is the real deal. And when we get to the close up mish I could have stayed there all night. When she said, "I came so many times I don't even know who I am anymore" I believe her. Well, almost believe her. She was caught a few times looking to the side for her line. But those were so quick, so brief, it didn't matter. Most of the time her eyes were locked into mine, when she wasn't throwing her head back, that is. This is going in the keeper file. Next time I'm gonna try & come on the "I don't know who I am" part. "Backdoor Chores" wore me the hell out. 😓
2 years ago
Can you Upscale this scene please?
4 years ago
cant seem to get this to work with the feel connect app. is there a trick to get it to run in the app?
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