Bang Delta Pi

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30 min  •  5 August, 2016

College is full of kinky sex traditions! In this VR fantasy, you play a landlord to a sorority house but instead of collecting rent on the first of every month, you've been collecting free pussy from head sorority girl, Nicole Clitman. Since it's Nicole's last year, she's doing you a favor and bringing in new pledge, Alison Rey to continue the tradition...and as a bonus, Nicole's finally going to let you fuck her ass! Watch these lovely college coeds pay their dues in a hot threesome! Available right now for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard!

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Comments (32)
2 years ago
Yeah was an awesome scene this, just a pity the the visuals are a little primitive due to how old it is. Have had to get used to this though as an anal fan as most of the anal scenes are old ones, they don’t do too many these days. The doggy style anal in this looks great.

Wasn’t aware she’d passed until recently, so sad.
2 years ago
Nicole Clitman is next on my list, so I'm going to talk about this & "Backdoor Chores" for a few minutes. Please don't get weirded out by this. These movies were made for one reason only & that is so we can all jerk our dicks to them. So, that's exactly what I did. And just like Nicole today, Violet Rain & Dakota Skye are upcoming soon. Just don't freak when I write about them either. Okay? Good!

Man, oh man, if this only had a clearer picture. Alison & Nicole are much more beautiful than is shown here. Yeah, I know, it was made 6 years ago. What are ya gonna do? Like the contrast between Alison's curvy body to Nicole's leaner body. Liked that they are both generous with their tongues while kissing. None of that pecking shit. Nicole was making me real nervous with her balancing act on the arms of the chair. I kept imagining things going wrong & the clips being shown on "Ridiculousness". Alison took the safer approach & stood on the seat cushion. I loved how Nicole grinds her hips & pussy in all kinds of ways while riding my cock compared to Alison's straight up & down bouncing. Ooh, Nicole has no gag reflex. My pubes are tickling her nostrils, shit yeah. Alison asks, "Are you really going to fuck my sister's ass" I replied, "Yes, that is the plan. Let the ass fucking commence." I came in her ass too fast. Couldn't hold out until she flipped over. Oh well. I enjoyed fingering my cum out of her. Wished her asshole was more centered for that. It was facing a little left. Also, I wanted a close-up of Nicole's lips tattoo so I could kiss it just once. A really good scene! 💦💦
2 years ago
Nicole was really a great performer. I LOVED the way she sort of savors the cock with her grinding, slowly but firmly... awesome stuff. In fact, I love many of her scenes while she was active. She seemed to really understand sensuality and went for it. Even after she put on a bit of weight she still did a crazy awesome job.

Sadly, Nicole was another who passed away in 2019 :(
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