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Comments (9)
Judy is super beautiful! Her eyes are stunning, her long, black hair is outstanding. Make-up is excellent - not too much, just supporting her natural beauty. Excellent picture quality as well. My only complaint: Judy pleased herself with her fingers a little too long during missionary. Her beautiful pussy was hidden for too long ;-).
Overall great scene with an absolutely beautiful Judy Jolie!
Huge Judy Jolie fan ever since her first vid with you guys, so thanks for getting her back. Picture quality was excellent -- didn't have to adjust any image settings at all (which I have to do on all other studios), so nice work. Next time please make missionary even closer and include kissing like you used to do. Thanks. :)
> @jfkacir Really glad more bed scenes are being done at WANKZ lately

agreed, more bed scenes please!
Reverse seated cg was good, penatration visible most the time, unless she sat all the down and grind on it.
But over good seated rcg

Picture quality was good 👍
She is so hot!!! Great scene! It would be great if you guys included the laying CG position in every scene. JJ with her titties in your face on the chair is amazing, but for me the chair is too close. I want to gaze at more of her body at once and laying CG is the position for that. Really glad more bed scenes are being done at WANKZ lately. For a while it was all chair scenes. Definitely the leading site of all the VR porn sites! Greatest content and quality of all! More slutty lingerie!
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