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Comments (21)
She was fantastic. She really knows how to use her ass. I'd love to see her back for a threesome.
@foreveral0n3 lol same for me, with these remasters im also being introduced to gems ive missed, mix that with new gems like this and my hardrive is suffering lol

oh and kylie rocket is such a great name, she lives up to it aswell :P
I had fun in this movie. Kylie Rocket is hot! Thanks Kyle Rocket and Thanks WankzVR!
Hot dayum, that's an attractive girl! Definitely my favorite scene since the restart. Judging from the other comments, she's clearly well received by the members here. She should definitely come back for more scenes!

Big thumbs up! 👍️
Finally got a chance to watch this one.

Wow! Kylie is a stunner!

Didn’t realize by looking at the poster.

Excellent scene! Nice twerking action from Kylie.

Thumbs Up! 👍
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