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57 min  •  12 April, 2022

You need that sweet release and only a massage from Tommy King will do the trick. She'll rub you up and down but a happy beginning is butt one part of Tommy's VIP treatment. To really get you feeling good, she'll make use of her massage oil, her hands, her feet and all her holes too! Find bliss and your own naughty nirvana to transcend reality with Tommy. You'll give her sweet booty the stretch she wanted and go deep because with service like this, Tommy deserves more than just a tip.

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Comments (24)
1 week ago
Great work on this one. Tommy has the best thighs, calves and feet in missionary that I have ever seen. The reaction she has when she gets her hair grabbed... wish that had gone on a bit you could tell things lit up. The anal play at the end of the doggy was one of the greatest views of the whole scene. The closeup missionary I really enjoyed also, her eyes just completely knocked me out. Also great makeup work for the closeup.
4 months ago
PLEASE bring this girl back as soon as possible for another anal scene. Gah damn what a fuckin BOOTY
5 months ago
^^ Foul and odious lies

Awesome scene. The fucking body on this girl, man. Jesus. I was ready to skip the whole intro massage but soon as she stuck that butt out I was hooked in. Fucking incredible. That whole thing ended up being pretty awesome. the straddle-n-strip thing worked with me real well. I do slightly wish she would've turned around for a grand reveal on that most holiest of holies (dataaaaaaasss) but it was still boner inducing (the "relaxing massage parlor music" climaxed as she stood over you completely naked I found that funny.) That intimate oily butt and pussy-job (🤔) really got the engine running. Extra loud shouts for oil consistency throughout. Keep em shiny.

Mad special mentions to the bj sections, all of em. That 69(ish) deepthroat was incredible. Shouts to Tommy for all the spit and dirty "throat" talk. Extra special mentions for the legit ass-to-mouth (I'm still a little upset about Gia 😛 ) and lots of it.

Personally loved the doggie. Imma start calling that "froggy style." Seems more fitting. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Everything was awesome but I will say I had expectations for it being a little more intense. Having seen some of Tommy's other work I thought they might really get into it but it kinda stayed on the mild side for the most part. There were a handful of quick-pump; arm, ass and hair grabby; sorta-fast-fucking/pounding moments but they were a lil short IMO.

AAAAs always never enough spanking but a good amount in here. Along with a couple enjoyed thigh and tit slaps. Slaps are fun

Always enjoy a girl-kneeling facial, and the ass-out BJ finisher was pretty great (albeit a lil short) buuut not sure how I feel about that sitting position for a finale--if just because it's awkward to hold my cum-receptacle there and hope for the best. 😂 And while he got a good amount on there a lot was lost to the ether, thought maybe if he was standing he could've aimed that a lil better.

All around awesome scene though. Tommy's great. Love these oily/wet anal scenes, keep em coming.

P.S. Booooo anal creampies. Booooooo. Ass to mouth facials forevarr!!
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