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62 min  •  5 December, 2017

One look from Giselle Palmer's sultry blue eyes and you're putty in her hands. She's had a rough day and really needs to relax with a rubdown. You put your magic fingers to work and soon you're caressing much more than just her shoulders and feet! Break out the massage oil and give her the sensual massage she's been thinking about all day. In no time you'll be stimulating deep tissue with your special massage tool and watching the stress melt from her face.

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Comments (56)
3 months ago
are you guys planning a remaster?.....we really need it....isn't anymore available for oculus rift.....very bad....please work on it soon......thank you
9 months ago
Please , we need a remaster !
11 months ago

OH ... MY ... FUCKING ... GOD! 😲
I am shook to my core. 😓 Easily the best I've seen this year. And this was made a little over 4 years ago? 🤯

The second Giselle walked thru the door & kissed me I was a goner. I swear I could feel her breath on mine. Then I noticed the baby doll skirt & spider/lady tattoo. Freaky! I love it! 🔥

I'm rubbing her tension away, she kisses me again ... and then it happens! She put her shoes in my lap & asked me to remove them. My hands were actually shaking like I had the DTs. Her gorgeous sexy feet were in my face. I done lost my fucking mind! Massaging her feet & her rubbing them on my dick felt like an eternity. I didn't want it to end. I now know it was only 6 minutes long, but at the time it felt like forever. Then I thought that part was over, but a few minutes later she lubed my dick & started again. I thought I was gonna have to leave on a stretcher. 🥰 Whew, man!

After some titty kissing & fucking, & dick sucking she climbs on. I am mesmerized by her meaty pussy lips wrapped around my cock & her clit jutting out. And her wide range of facial expressions, from orgasmic pleasure to wide beaming smile, Giselle is fucking beautiful. 😍

Later, when she puts her fantastic pussy in my face I'm like, "Please oh please spread it open". She must have heard me because she did it. 😓

She squirts, squirms, quakes, shakes, & her orgasms are loud! When she gets everything she needs she cuddles with you & your cock, but only for a couple minutes because she's gonna order a pizza! 🥳😋

Don't know about you, but I'd call that PERFECT! 💦💦💦

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