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7KHigh Scored

44 min  •  8 June, 2021

Will Natalie Brooks beat your high score? She's been busy mashing buttons and blasting foes in your personal arcade all day. Join her for an extra play and distract Natalie with your big, thick joystick! Her nimble fingers need to keep busy and only you can break her from her gaming obsession. You'll take the fun from the games room and fuck her sweet pussy all over the house in this PvP XXX encounter. Natalie's high score can wait, because it's time for you to score!

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Comments (22)
2 days ago

Thanks for the reply Tim.

I figured it was a copyright issue. Either that, or Tofu and you agreed beforehand to add sound and visuals in post. But due to time constraints, it wasn’t possible.

> @Staff_Tim Maybe they could have angled the cabinet so it would have looked more like you were at a poor viewing angle. Less like the game screen was turned off. 🤷‍♀️

This was my thinking as well. Shoot the game from the side so the screen isn’t visible. Then add some generic sound effects in post. This would have been a much better approach.

I respect Tofu was playing it safe. But he should have shot it differently so it didn’t look so silly.

Just my opinion. For what it’s worth.

Anyways, appreciate the explanation Tim.

How about Friday’s scene. Did it turn out good?
2 days ago
> @bacula8630 was not even turned on. Which was just ridiculous. I know there’s a lot of suspension of reality that goes on in porn. But that was just silly.


Yeah I think our "don't show copyrighted things" may have been too harsh. It looks like they blotted out the title of the cabinet, too.

Copyright is tricky. Background music, movies, or TV is bad news. But old video games probably wouldn't be an issue legally. Having logos in the background of a scene are probably fine unless there's some inappropriate activity involved, or libel/slander.

If there happened to be a McDonalds in the background of an outdoor shot and we don't reference it at all in the script, I doubt we'd have much of an issue because it's pretty clear that there was no endorsement there. It was just something that happened to be in the background.

From my understanding, movies and TV shows avoid showing product placement unless they're paid because: they can get paid for that, so why do it for free, but also... when it comes to TV, you really don't want to show a competing product to the ones who may be paying for your ad breaks.

I'm not a lawyer, but copyright stuff gets messy, and I think the director was overly cautious in this case leaving the game cabinet off and logo blotted out. It's a whole lotta grey area.

Like, I wouldn't have thought showing the H******** sign could have been an issue, but apparently trademark laws are tricky, too... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUdQ7gxU6Rg

It's usually better to play it safe than sorry.

But yeah, having the game off was a bit goofy in this case. I probably should have added in sound effects. Maybe they could have angled the cabinet so it would have looked more like you were at a poor viewing angle. Less like the game screen was turned off. 🤷‍♀️
1 week ago
> @cjsolx Lmao reading these comments as a producer has got to be eye-rolling

i disagree, i think honest feedback is appreciated, this scene is exactly as most are saying, below wankzvr standard sadly but still hugely appreciate the effort
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