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7KHunting For More

44 min  •  15 June, 2021

You are the kind of guy that has it all. You've got the perfect house, an attentive girlfriend but somehow, you're left wanting more. Nickey Huntsman comes over to admire the view, but with the place to yourselves, you can admire Nickey's sweet tits too! She's down for play and A-okay with your cheating ways, but you'll need to treat this other woman right. On the hunt for something more, Nickey helps orchestrate the perfect pussy-pounding plan and you sneak the snatch you always wanted!

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Comments (25)
2 months ago
Holy hell, what a scene. Got excited when I saw her in Upcoming and did not disappoint.

Some of the best dirty talk I've heard in VR, easy. I've always wanted a girl to get dominant exactly like this and apparently it may take the pornstar expertise of Nickey Huntsman to pull it off (my exes may be forgiven 😭). That was awesome. Yes I am a naughty boy. Yes I'd love to fuck you harder while my girlfriend is away. Yes, ma'am, no I won't cum till you say so, ma'am 🤤 (may or may not have audibly said "yes ma'am" several times)

And, god, she is gorgeous. Have I ever mentioned I fucking love denim and tanktops? Sometimes the simple shit is the best shit. Mmm, mmm, mmm. That intro was sssmokin.

Personally hoped the shorts would've stayed on a little bit for the BJ, however strange that is ((and would've been taken off while standing backwards over my face, if being specific ;))) but no biggie on that

Closeup mish was meh. I wanted to say "I zoomed in and tilted and it was fine" to be that guy but it wasn't great.
Honestly I zoned out during that part and became a furiously-masturbating tiny man in a floating vessel staring at those fucking tits and beautiful eyes. When she put her elbows behind her head----whooof.

Shame about dude's cumshot. Dare say might've benefited from not including the second attempt. Kinda killed the mood a little bit (literally, she didn't seem thrilled 😅)--but oh well

Moar Nickey immediately! IMMEDIATELY 😡
Please 😇

Oh as I am also that audio guy, interesting choice with dubbing over the cut during a position switch (I forget which one). I didn't hate that. Dare say it helped maintain precious, precious ******immersion******

I always tell myself I'm gonna make these shorter 😂
2 months ago
> @palmettoleaf BDVR

But bdvr close up mish is usually a edge of the bed female sitting up close mish. Its good tho 👍

Czvr on the other hand can do sum great superman style close up mish. 👍
2 months ago
You know she did a GG scene here in 2016.
Technology was not great but worth a look, hopefully they can remaster the scene.
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