I Spy Some Cheerleaders

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52 min  •  17 June, 2022

Show your spirit when you come across your stepsister and her cute friend going over their routine! Kiara Cole and Rhea Radford are a pair of eager cheerleaders trying to win big at the state finals but Rhea is nervous. Sneak a peek and see how Kiara motivates her teammates with some sexy girl-on-girl love! Kiara and Rhea catch you watching and it makes them wet. For your silence they invite you and your big dick to join in on the fun! Show Rhea and Kiara some of your moves and fuck them all over the room. They'll take turns riding on your cock and bend over backwards to come out on top!

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Comments (28)
8 months ago
Anything with Kiara is golden to me. Thank you for bringing her back!
8 months ago
@LordCrash I’m not saying that you should watch scenes in their entirety, that’s up to the individual. I’m saying that you’re supposed to be able to. Surely that’s the intention of the creators that people have the full experience. It’s tough to sit through a 2 hour plus sex scene even if your headset can last 2 hours on a single charge.

Also the only positions they spent a ton of time on were cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The other positions were just quickly tacked on at the end.

Anyway, we’re splitting hairs, we both agree it’s a great scene I just personally don’t think any one porn scene needs to be as long as an entire movie. Many probably disagree. It wouldn’t be the first time people disagree with me!
8 months ago
> @petermc I know you can skip stuff (and I usually do) but that’s not the idea, you’re supposed to be able to enjoy these in their entirety as an immersive experience and 2 hours is too long for most people to do that.

Am I supposed to do so? Because I NEVER do so. I don't have either the time or will to watch entire porn scenes. I decide when I have enough of a single action or position, not the director or editor. That's why I rather have long sessions in a certain position that I can cut short myself than short sessions in a certain position that I can't prolong myself...
And sure, the SLRO scene isn't perfect either but it's imho much better in many elements (the enhanced length only being one) than this scene. I hope that directors and everyone involved in production always want to enhance their craft and that they are willing to learn from others. Most often porn is just mechanic, robotic fucking with probably a few "intimate" moments in between. Rarely you find porn that just clicks and almost effortlessly pulls you into the action, creating that precious intimacy and immersion. Every scene that does that is one to learn from - and every scene that doesn't is one to learn from as well, hence for very different reasons... ;)
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