In On The Secret

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54 min  •  15 October, 2021

You've been dating Coco Lovelock for a little while now but you can't seem to get the quality time you need. She's been mysterious lately and she can be hard to track down. You knock on her door when she skips out on work and find that she's not alone! You'll finally meet her new friend Haley Spades, but these two have become more than just friends! Coco admits she's been enjoying some extra playtime with Haley.. Her GF! Are you mad? Don't worry, you'll dip your dick in both of them for a threesome you never saw coming!

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Comments (31)
3 months ago
Fantastic scene. Much gratitude to everyone involved! Great casting, directing and action.

Coco looked amazing and besides that, her performance was really great and definitely earns a place in my favorites folder. Beautiful girl with a baby face and small frame, good eye contact, great facial expressions, bla bla bla and sex sounds, and attention to the camera to give us great views. Mostly I love her facial expressions, smile and playfulness. She remains one of my favorite vr girls. I rate her up there with Anastasia Knight, Lauren Phillips, Kristin Scott and Lily Ford in terms of performance.

Haley Spades is also beautiful and did a good job, but Coco is really in a league of her own.

The White Knight did an outstanding job. I couldn't ask for any better! Great size and aesthetically good looking dick that gets super HARD. Great fucking, great use of hands. I was very happy with the hands action. Cumshot was fucking awesome and impressive as well.

Sex was great. How many vr screenshots I take is fairly indicative of how much I enjoy a production, and I took quite a few. There were so many moments I had to capture for later....ummm....review.

Technical stuff. Here is where I lump a lot of things together but....overall look of the production was very good. Clarity and resolution were great, even though I was watching on a Q2 via airlink and I'm sure there was compression. Framing of shots and composition were outstanding in some instances. For example, the scene with Coco on the chair with her legs behind her head getting fucked missionary. In terms of composition, it was really wonderful how the couch, pillows, her legs and arms and his legs and arms really framed that scene, and with Haley up top looking at me and the action, her arm draped across Coco....it was just a beautiful composition that really drew me in.

Great job, guys! You are really working hard to earn my subscription fee and your hard work is much appreciated.

4 months ago
I can't believe I missed this one! Damned work has me so distracted. Can't wait to fire it up!

I almost made a post the other day how it would be great to see Coco again :P
4 months ago
Godddddd this was hot. They both gave cute and convincing acting performances in the intro along with a hot premise for a plot so I was drawn in right away. The return of Alex is a win. The way they each peeled off their bras made for a hot boob reveal. The cg riding was hot. The gentle kisses they gave each other were hot. The ending was hot. 10/10 Please bring them back for more!
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