In the Bathtub

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39 min  •  8 August, 2017

Grab your rubber ducky and make a splash with the exceptional Gina Valentina! Experience this Brazilian bombshell in virtual reality as you unwind with a sensual bath together. The angelic, fresh-faced Gina is eager for a bubbly booty call and she needs your help! Dive dick-first into the VR fun and plunge deep into Gina's sweet vag. Watch out because you're in this XXX cutie's splash zone! Cleanliness is next to horniness.

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Comments (68)
6 months ago
really great fucking scene. love the hardcore style you can almost never go wrong with that, love the eye contact its so important and how she was still moving back and forth on it with those expressions while on her back! Three thumbs up, great job guys!
8 months ago

👍 It is indeed! Great spot. 👍(Actually on the same side as the fire pit, looking towards it.)

The exterior will come up again in a future Gina production, and you can see a lot more of the internals in a recent Badoink scene.

Edit: I wonder which bit gave it away because it’s not obvious?
8 months ago
Gina - Day 9

There is more heat in this 39 minute movie than both Champagne Rooms 1 & 2 put together. A year from now I'll only vaguely remember the Champagne Rooms as the movies with Gina & some other girl or other. But I will clearly remember Gina sitting in my bathtub with both feet wrapped around my dick. I'll remember every detail.
Her kisses, the water dripping from her furry pussy, the close up of her pussy & the hands stretching it so you get to see everything, the direct eye contact right before I cream pied her tight hole. Everything. 💦💦💦

One on one Gina soooo much better than pairing her with one or more other girls. Soooo much hotter! 🔥🔥🔥 The next four look like 3-ways or more before I can back to having Gina all to myself again. 😞

Also, I think this the Antler House so dubed by @Jeff777LUFC Not 100% sure, tho. Am I inside the same house just in a room way on the other side, or am I wrong? 🧐
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