In the Green Room

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42 min  •  24 February, 2017

Hey lucky contestant! Come on down! You're on the WankzVR game show when hot production assistant, Blair Williams starts getting real friendly with you backstage. You're mesmerized by her big tits and mouth-watering figure. Are you going to get lucky? ...And the survey says hell fuckin' yeah!

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Comments (42)
11 months ago
After Blair gives me a water a second potential contestant asks her if he could get a water, She says she gave me the last one. Are you people blind? Look on the fucking table. OMG! 😂😂😂

Blair is a smoke show! 🥰 I love that the butt plug never comes out once. And the game she played where she sees how long she can hold her breath while deepthroating my cock ... 😲 ... the tears streaming down her face ... 💀⚰️
Just made keeper file! 🔥 OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I must have had a mini-stroke. I completely forgot where I was or what I was doing. It took probably three seconds to snap out of it, but it seemed like forever. 🥴

And pussy in the face with the butt plug being kneaded in between her ass cheeks. I'm just babbling to myself at this point. It too good to be true. ☺️

When she was grinding in RCG & Doggy, the butt plug in view with her dirty talk I was thinking it can't get better than this ... but I was Wrong! It can! It can get better & does. At 33:39 the probone begins with the butt plug still in view. Aaaand it's all over ... 💦💦💦💦💦

I didn't make to the bridging or the creampie. But I got time. I'll make it! 😓

*the problems with this scene or so minor they needn't be brought up*
2 years ago
YES! That part where she wants to see how long she can deepthroat it for, and holds it all the way down for a good 20 seconds while still bobbing her head, and then does it AGAIN, had me hollering! THAT'S what I'm talking about!
5 years ago
@RedArmy95 She is such a leggy treat, def need a new release with her!
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