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Comments (33)
Well, that, and the rest of the context/role playing is important too. I think the most important aspect is the dirty talking/anticipation. So yeah, you're right, an actual creampie isn't needed. Wether or not cum is actually coming out of his dick I don't care. But it's more than just her enacting an orgasm.
If you only care for the performance an actual creampie isn't even needed. The woman could just enact an orgasm while his dick is inside her. I mean, isn't that what you basically want to see?
> @LordCrash This scene was obviously made for people who don't give a shit about creampies

Oof big disagree.
I love creampies and I loved this scene, including the ending. I agree with @ItsKodama77 that it isn't too important to have a direct angle during the creampie. Most of what there is to love about a creampie isn't about the cum, but the rest of the performance. I'm glad the center of the view is on her upper body at the end.

> @ItsKodama77 it doesn't really matter to see the cumshot especially since it's a creampie.

The opposite is true. Because it's a creampie it's absolutely needed to be seen. If it's not important at all, they should remove the tag and spare me the hassle watching a scene in which the creampie is that botched.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not against close-up missionary. I like close-up missionary. But I'm against cumshots with that angle. And it's not like these two had to be mixed up like you say yourself, you don't even care about the creampie.

I just say, respect the fantasy. This scene was obviously made for people who don't give a shit about creampies but they served one nevertheless and tagged it accordingly. The creampie sucks ball though, barely visible at all, with pretty much the worst camera angle possible. For me, that's very much a fucked up direction. Only worse thing would be a creampie with fake cum...

If more than just a very few scenes ended like that I would cancel my sub right away.
@ItsKodama77 Agreed. If I had my way, this would be all scenes.
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