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7KMake Ends Meet

46 min  •  23 February, 2021

Harlow West is late paying the rent and today she faces some hard decisions. She's got another job interview lined up but you've waited long enough. You work out a deal for a peek at her goodies but this totally tender and timid tenant will need to do more. To keep a roof over her head Harlow will be taking every inch of your thick landlord dick! Skip the IOU because today this cutie will make ends meet with a new kind of upfront payment! Her debt is finally paid in full when her pussy is pumped full of your creamy satisfaction!

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Comments (10)
4 months ago
We need more harlow westtt
4 months ago
@Adultstart I'm sure your skin is and has always been immaculate, bud

What a god damn cutie. As mentioned she's got those newbie nerves but I stayed strong throughout on looks and sex alone. Nailed that first kissing position. I'm 50/50 on VR kissing but I enjoyed that thoroughly. Girl can rock her ass on a cock too, that's for sure.

Close up mish was indeed awesome. Special mentions to the "head grabbing" and then "head grabbing kissing." Definitely had some of that ravenous "I just wanna squeeze you and fuck the life out of you" feels with that face.

I've said before I'm not much for scenarios in porn but this is one I can get down with. Dominant without the whips and clothes-hangers. Good use of the "I've been a bad tenant" spanks, though per usual, never enough 😛

Just to say, my perfect "landlord" (low-grading professor, overly aggressive pizza guy, etc) scenario is right in the middle of this and Jojo Kiss's "In Arrears"--more of the dude's idea, and perhaps she didn't intend on fucking for her rent/grades/etc, but she's not overly upset about it. AAAnd maybe she calls me a big pervert several times for asking.

Anyway Harlow's great, hope she comes back soon

Edit: totally meant clothespins but I inadvertently made an American Psycho reference so fuck it
4 months ago
Cute girl

@Adultstart VItamin B6 deficiency. A nice cooked coho salmon would be good.
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