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48 min  •  31 March, 2017

Photographer Stella Cox has an eye for talent. Her last few models left her uninspired but when you enter her studio, her spirits are lifted. You feel her gaze on your body and sense the chemistry. Stella starts snapping photos and flirting with you. In no time at all, this busty goddess is on her knees with her warm mouth wrapped around your cock. Time to give her a real Money Shot!

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Comments (47)
8 months ago
This is one of my all-time favorite classic scenes...any chance that it's somewhere in the queue for remastering?? ;)
11 months ago
(cont. from First Class Treatment) ... Ah Yes! Stella is so much hotter when she isn't try to drug me for revenge ass-fucking with ex. Her accent & sexy little outfit drive me mad with desire. She can take pictures of whatever she wants. Loved her pretty blue bra & panties. Love that she switched from being fucked on her side to her laying on her back. Again, the boobs bouncing, leaning in for kisses, the angle of the BJ & the RCG was amazing right before she shoved her pussy in my face. Then when it's all over she asks, "So, what was your name again, in case I wanna book you" Now, you gotta love that. Nice work! 💦🍻
4 years ago
The thing about Stella is that so far there aren't many normal VR sets of her, there's a Harry-Potter cosplay one and a stewardess theme one, then this. I liked this one a lot and hope we see more of Stella but keep in mind that her biggest feature is that she's insanely slim and curvy at the same time. You should really play to that more instead of trying her with costumes.
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