My Wife & Babysitter

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52 min  •  9 April, 2016

Bring any sexual fantasy to life with VR porn! In this scintillating scene, your wife, Marie McCray is taking a shower when she notices your raging boner and gives you some afternoon delight! But that's just the beginning! Marie has to run some errands and leaves you at home when smoking-hot babysitter, Liza Rowe stops by and starts seducing you! In the middle of banging this sweet teen, your wife comes back and catches you both in the act! Get ready for the threesome of a lifetime as these babes double-team your cock in full virtual reality porn!

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Comments (30)
12 months ago
I had Liza & Angel Smalls on the list for today & knew each had a scene from this era of Wankz. I saw a few & at first was like WTF. But after "Hole in One" I realized the best way is to treat it like a comedy. Just have some fun with it. At 14;00 when Liza is standing in front of the guy he starts wiggling his toes like mad & it's hilarious as hell. Look at those little feet go! If my cock were about to be sucked by Liza my feet would do the same. Go on, little dude! Get ya some! 🤣🤣🤣
2 years ago
I'm glad you kept this video on the site. It is obviously of poorer quality than the top-notch new stuff, but I really enjoyed this one. Truth be told I usually skip most of the BJ stuff and get to the action anyway so I didn't spend much time looking at the edge distortion.

The bulk of the middle of this scene is fantastic. 2 incredibly hot models and I was pulled right in.

Also, I think the scaling issues aren't as bad as they once were, or I've become numb to them. I don't really notice it as much as I once did with these old vids. Maybe Skybox has just improved so much, with the zoom controls and tilt.

In any case, still a lovely scene, despite the tooth cutting experience.
5 years ago
I agree with the above. I love Marie! The only watchable stuff was when it was girl on top, and even then it was like having my head on the dude's belly button. Old video and working out the kinks back then, I get it, but this was the worst issues with geometry that I've seen yet. Does not promote the faptitude!
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