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Just Tap It In
Binky's Best Friend
Twisted Sister
Bang The DJ
Raise Your Tips
Hot And Horny
OMGia Anal!
Severance Lay
Comments (28)
Yeah this was pretty good, Nella kinda got that super model face 👍🔥
Pretty mode, only little tattoe, (rather none). This is what I like, pretty girl or milf - no tattoes, pure beautiful female skin. Lingerie would be nice, and even some sophisticated hair styles like updo.
I liked the standing missionary position at the beginning and the way it started with her still telling you that she liked the fantasy that the neighbours might see you and you just don't give a shit and put your cock into her before she was even ready talking. Very good stuff. 👍️

Nella is very hot, these big blue eyes are mesmerizing. I had the feeling though that every position lasted a bit too long, already starting with the standing missionary. And while the creampie display was amazing I'm not a big fan of RCG as the final position. I'm also not quite sure yet whether she broke the dick at the end, that doesn't look very pleasant how she sat on it right after the cumshot... 👀
Finally got around to watching this. Unfortunately I never got past the standing sex, so will have to come back to this later...Oh, what a shame. 😜 Nella looked super hot in that tiny outfit (more skimpy outfits like this, please) and I loved staring into those big blue eyes of hers. She looked way better than in her last scene imo. Good dirty talk, and nice to have some arse slapping too (hope there's more to come?) The stand up sex was awesome...I just couldn't get past that. Great scene so far. Really looking forward to watching this one again. 👍
@Jeff777LUFC Tell your boss I need a job there asap

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