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56 min  •  25 October, 2016

Life on the beat hasn't been too kind to you recently. After you accidentally discharged your weapon at a Clown Lives Matter rally, the police captain has demoted you to the lowest place in the precinct - the evidence room. Just then, your old sexy partner, Officer Natasha Nice steps in to rehash old times. Turns out, she needs to make a couple items disappear from the evidence locker and needs you to look the other way...

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Comments (33)
2 weeks ago
Dude, you guys are crazy. This scene's one of my favorates. Plus Natasha's a pretty good actress. My only complaint is that she changed clothes. It would have been more realistic if she'd have just started having sex with me in her regular uniform.
2 weeks ago
Not really getting the choices for remastering Wankz videos lately. Lots more scenes way better than this one and the last one probably need it.
2 weeks ago
... continued from _Spermanent Record_

Another shitty set. This is worse & more gross than the last one. And Damon just sits there like a mannequin the first 40 minutes without so much as lifting a finger. I think he's afraid to catch a disease.
Natasha fucking & sucking on the baton does nothing for me. I did laugh at 47:25 when she threw the monitor off the desk. It wasn't attached to anything anyway. 😂
Then with less than a minute to spare Natasha finally gets naked. You might as well keep 'em on. The fucking movie is over. 😒
Too bad. Natasha is a great kisser. Aside from that, there is no redeeming quality to this movie whatsoever. 👎

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