Off the Books

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51 min  •  21 November, 2017

Payback can be a bitch and sometimes it can be glorious! You owe your buddy some cash and a couple of books and despite his instructions, you're determined to pay up on your own terms. You knock at the door and his daughter, Jennifer Jacobs answers. She forgot you were coming but her appearance gives you an idea. You hand over the books then show her your wad of cash. Jennifer is eager to earn some coin and you slowly hand it over for a price! Enjoy every inch of her and pay your debt the right way!

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Comments (19)
6 days ago
this one is due for a remaster surely
6 months ago
Leave the money under the mat or something? Well, I'll just keep the $1000 & just say I left it under the mat. It's not my fault you live in a shitty neighborhood. 😂

Whoa, daughter Jennifer is cuuute! 😍
" I don't want you to think I'm some type of whore ... "
There's more than one type? You are taking a shitload of money for sex. I hate to break it to you, but you are a whore, 🤣

Starts off great! Super nice pussy close up. The kind of close up every scene needs. Loved it! 🔥
Then at 12:46 it fell apart. I actually let out a very loud, "Nooooo!" Her body was so far down on the bed. I needed binoculars only they don't work with the headset. For the next 6 minutes I sat there pissed. I was convinced this was how the rest of the movie would be like. 😠

Then at 18:34 the movie corrected itself in mish. PHEW! 😓 Now we're talkin'. Mish was hot & close up mish even hotter! 🔥💦💦💦

I'm really growing to dislike lying down CGs. Your body is usually stretched 1 1/2 to 2 times longer than it is & the girls are behemoths that are too far away from you.

> @bacula8630 She leans forward,hair cascading over you,and gives you some kisses while staring directly into your eyes.

Leaning forward _does_ make it better, but it's still too big. To me, that is.

Part fire! 🔥 Part meh. 😐 The beginning as ALL hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣

5 years ago
I just fell in this movie on random library play and this movie is awesome!

> @jiverandy Damn I definitely wasn't expecting to like this scene as much as I did for some reason.

Yeah, for real!

> @rasputin Jennifer's attitude, eye contact and expression, body language, amazing. Everything felt natural, casual, comfortable. Excellent kiss acting, she seemed into it/more aggressive. Felt like she was trying to envelop me. Eyes intense. Please have her back.

Yeah! Thanks Jennifer Jacobs and thanks WankzVR for the great feature!
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