On Set with Gina Valentina

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51 min  •  15 November, 2016

It's officially your first day as a production assistant on the WankzVR set. You're nervous as hell because your secret porn crush, Gina Valentina is here and she's performing. In the middle of filming, you cause a ruckus and screw up the whole scene. Gina gets upset and demands to personally see you! How are you going to make this up to her?

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Comments (32)
8 months ago
Ahh man! This remaster reminded of how much I miss Gina! She has such a cute and sexy face...and that smile! 😍 Such a great performer too...a true WankzVR legend. I miss the days when you knew a new Gina scene was just around the corner. Oh well, all good things come to an end. At least we have 20+ scenes on here to enjoy.
Btw, bring back the On Set with series...these were great.
2 years ago
Gina - Day 3

I'm glad this isn't a Star Trek parody. We all know what happens to the guys in red shirts. Tho, I can think of worst fates than being fucked to death by Gina Valentina! 🥴

I was getting nervous when Gina was balancing on the arms of the chair. Reminded me of Nicole Clitman in "Bang Delta Pi", but worse 'cause Gina had on those stiletto boots.

Those boots came off at 20:38. Hooray! She had shoes on in the first two movies. About time she showed those sexy little feet of hers. Too bad there's no foot play, but I have another 20 to go after this one. I can wait. 😓

Loved everything, but liked the chair the best when she got sloppy with the saliva. And I also liked when the angle changed at 29:45, Can't shut off my peripheral vision & was getting tired of seeing what was to my right.

Just saw "Sex Sells" with Penelope Kay. I really dislike girl scout uniforms on girls who can't pull it off. Coco could get away with it in the LH vid & now I'm sure that Gina could too. Well, at least she could in 2016. Don't know about 2022 ... yet!

Incredibly cute, hot, & sexy! 🔥🔥 3 down 20 to go! Let's Go! 🥳🍻💦💦💦
2 years ago
Damm that was hot :) How Do I apply to be one of those VR guys :) sign me in
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