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58 min  •  17 March, 2017

It's 10am on St. Patrick's Day and it's a goddamn madhouse up in here! No good St Patrick's Day is complete without some green and a whole lot of fun! Join Alex Grey and Trinity St. Clair as they really celebrate. Be part of the excitement and see if you get lucky!

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Comments (43)
10 months ago
I loved this so much better than the first time around. I think I was in a time crunch & didn't take the time to savor the slow build up. Whatever, I'm here for it now. So hot! The kissing was fantastic too. 🔥

Big step up from *My Best Friend's Girl* & there's one Alex scene to go for tomorrow. Ooh, can't wait for that! 😓

Trinity is beyond beautiful. 🥰 But why does she have to wear the green skirt & those ridiculous shoes throughout the scene, I understand that your prick of a boss made you wear that for St. Pat's Day, but now you're fucking on a pool table. Take that shit off. 😭

Every part was fine until the last 8 minutes where I lie flat on my back on the table. Then it seemed off. Other than that & the fact I was dressed as a leprechaun for the first 30 minutes 😒 this scene was pretty fire. 🔥💦💦
11 months ago
The remaster of this is fantastic. You guys did a great job with such an old clip.
I have seen many clips that suffer from being over sharp, not so with this remaster.

The original opening was a couple of drunk guys in the bar getting thrown out. Saved me having to fast-forward.
13 months ago
Oh yeah, I guess I better tell you what I thought of the movie. DUH, I is stooopid! 🤪
I don't comment on tattoos very often except to say I hate underboob tattoos. But, I really like the Queen of Hearts that Alex is sporting on her left forearm. Nice! 😊

Alex & Trinity are both beautiful & sexy. Tho, I kept waiting for one of them to vanish & Kimber take their place. Luckily it never happened. 🤣

All the kissing & sex were great. But no close up of Trinity's pussy & only 1 1/2 minutes of Alex's? C'mon! 😒 And why did Trinity take so long to take off her green skirt & Alex her fishnets? Ladies, the movie is over. You might as well keep 'em on. 😒

Excuse me while I look at Trinity's movies on the MilfVR side. I was already supposed to do that yesterday, but I ended up watching "Sweet Competition" 2 1/2 times. Couldn't be helped. What can I tell you? 😗
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