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49 min  •  3 February, 2017

It's painful saying goodbye. For awhile, Casey Calvert was everything you ever wanted in a woman and now she's gone. You keep texting her and making up excuses to drop by the apartment to pick up the rest of your stuff. But let's face it, you really just miss her. You miss her smile. Those unforgettable eyes. Oh god, you miss the sex too. Casey could turn you on with just one look. Can you handle one last fuck for old times' sake?

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Comments (58)
7 months ago
@FatPapaTony She has a more chill vibe for sure like a Skye Blue, but has such a sexy voice and as noted quite beautiful.

I wish the stuff here was greater quality or modern...
7 months ago
We're in the Owl House. Casey is over me as a person, but not as a penis. Cool! I'm okay with that! 😆

Only, not really. Casey is very pretty, but she is just, eh! She is boring. Not even anal can make her less dull. Sure, I can make myself cum, but it's work. I rather not.

Look! Even Damon is bored with her as evidenced by his sad trickle instead of his trademark Super Soaker cumshot. 😞
8 months ago
I am unconsolably in love with this scene. So much right about this, and a story I can relate to, so I'm sure that helped. Nothing like a bit of heartbreak and despair to make that sex a confusing, but amazing activity. And Casey's hot as hell. Saving this as a fave for sure.
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