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58 min  •  11 July, 2017

Good friends are always there for each other! You and your hot hiking buddy Sophia Grace are ready for an afternoon trek and now you have all day after breaking up with your crazy GF. Sophia has her own worries as she's training her tight butt for a rare anal sex session in the evening. Your path is clear and you decide to stay in and go trailblazing up her sweet ass. Be a pal and lend a helping dick to get her booty ready for play!

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Comments (41)
11 months ago
I loooove this scene! 😍 Of course there's Sophia dying to show me her butt plug, even tho she pretended she didn't want to. She knows deep down I'm better than her boyfriend. Love her tan lines, too. Licking her asshole is heaven!

Sophia Grace is the real deal. 🥰 Not only is there anal, but pro bone anal! Yes! 🍑

And there's little things like Sophia looking up to me. So many times a girl I know is shorter than me will look me in the eye while standing. Not here! Much appreciated. 😊

And you can make a "mirror" scene out of the framed *Dark Knight* poster. 💦💦💦

It's not fair. I am trying my best to watch ALL of the WankzVR catalog. Scenes like this don't make it easy when I'm gonna spend the next several days cumming to it. Not a complaint just a minor speed bump in the road. ❤️

If I *HAD TO* pick out a flaw it's when Chad pulls down his pants & his belt buckle keeps clanging. That is so minor I don't even know why I'm bringing it up. 😂

Ten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4 years ago
So I just watched this scene and wanted to point something out. The first time she leans in for a kiss during missionary she tilts her head sort of back and to the side. It honestly felt a lot more real and natural than it usually does. Clearly someone told her too not get so close because it doesn't happen again but I think it worked really well. You guys should check it out.
5 years ago
I loved this chick! I usually am not into nose rings and belly tats but this girl has something sexy going on. Please do more with her, maybe a slutty stepsister type thing.
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