Pre-Flight CheckLUST

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48 min  •  21 December, 2021

She'll be leaving on a jet plane but before Ava Sinclaire departs, she needs to go over her travel routine. Ava's luggage is by the door and she's got her lucky underwear on, check and check! Now she looks for that added thrill before soaring into the clouds and that means taking a ride on YOUR dick too! Throttle up, keep an eye on her six and fly high with this busty cutie to give her a fucking she'll remember across time zones. Kick the tires and light the fires because Ava will give you some first class treatment with her first class pussy!

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Comments (12)
1 week ago
I find nearly all of the immersive missionary close ups at WankzVR to be the worst out there. Her face is up close, but your dick is in her stomach. Pass everytime on these videos. Simply cannot cannot enjoy the Wankz camera work. And all the videos, the same. Start off with a view of the guy. Already my dick is starting to deflate. The girl comes and we get no view of her body. Nothing ,zilch. There are absolutely no "leg-ass-feet" men at Wankz. They are not interested in these parts of the female anatomy, because they're almost always covered up with socks and shoes. I betcha they will not do that to her face and ass - cover it up with clothing. Goodbye to your customers if you. What's the point of watching this shit if it's covered up. The blow jobs. Every one the same. Why not have the female lay on the bed on her stomach where we can see her legs, ass and feet, her entire body? Like the Quinn Wilde video. We need more views like that where the women are sprawled out fully on the bed where we can see their hot legs and ass.

Immediately the camera zooms her face, and there we stay to watch. No body shots, don't know what the legs look like, don't know what the feet look like. I bought a one year membership, but I truly do not enjoy the videos here. The missionary sucks. All face and with absolutely no connection at the crotch. You look down, and that pussy is so far away from your dick, purposely tilted away on a slanted cushion, it's a ridiculous sight. It's an absolutely frustrating and worthless waste of time for me. Why not have her fold her legs UP during closeup missionary instead of all the way down to the South Pole. For an example of this view and position see Katie Cush. Also see Blake Blossom at Real Jam VR. Both closeup missionary - both with good view of face - both with real feeling of dick in vagina while close to face - both with legs folded up - the view fantastic.
4 weeks ago
This VR video has just entered into my all time favorite. The filming and the performance and camera angles is just incredible. Seriously love Ava, the penetration and the shake of her amazing tits when she was getting fucked while standing as just amazing.
4 weeks ago
> @vanter I thought the missionary in the chair was good but that standing fuck was hot.


Hell yeah, im starting to be a big fan of "stand fucking"

Maybe that what it should be tagged, cus standing mish to me is like standing at the edge of the bed doing mish, its like thats the far away mish and then the close up mish

But idk, vrhush tags it standing missionary and slr tags it "hardcore"

So idk, i know there no tags here for it, i went threw a few scenes that had sum stand fucking but i saw no tags.

But yeah really becoming a fan of it 👍🥂🔥
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