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7KReady And Waiting

44 min  •  23 March, 2021

Cierra Bell is so damn good, you can't get enough. She finds you naked, hard and in the same spot she left you in! Your intentions are as clear as a bell and Cierra is ready for more. The warm welcome you've given her makes Cierra wet and she eagerly wraps her lips around your stiff dick! When you're ready and waiting, only good things will happen! Cierra will take every inch of you as this perfect plan plays out. In the end, Cierra will face her sticky destiny and covered in your love!

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Comments (25)
2 months ago
@VRGoodGuy looks like it got better so far 👍
3 months ago
I don't know what's going on, but this is one of the worst scenes in recent memory. I'm glad other members are noticing /mentioning it too now. The camera placement is like 2017/2018... almost like the camera was "zoomed in" a bit.

Sadly, I felt no connection with the girl, because there was no real introduction and far too few eye contect to get a sense of her personality. Scene strats: I'm laying naked on a bed and the stuntcock almost touches my face... WFT!
The camera positions in this scene are ridiculous. Only the normal missionary was decent (compared to the rest) but when the scene cuts to the missionary, the stunt cock is already pounding her. It al feels rushed...

The girl starts blowing me at 0:28. Less than half a minute into the scene... For the First Penetration she turns around (after having only very minimal eye contact with her) and we just see reverse cowgirl while she's still got her dress on. Cierra looked nice, but I have no idea who she is... After the scene I still can't tell if I actually like her.
3 months ago
This site is really putting a lot of the other sites to shame with it's content. Hoping for a little more lingerie and pantyhose from time to time. Otherwise the slutty attire and the content is awesome!!!
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