Rebel Therapy

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47 min  •  20 December, 2016

You were in an accident and you've been out for god knows how long. It could've been days, months, perhaps even years. But now you're miraculously alive! Suddenly, you hear your nurse coming and you play dead. She's brought her lovely friend Rebel Lynn with her. They're giggling at you. But why? Something is off. Nothing makes any sense. Then, the truth hits you.

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Comments (75)
10 months ago
and just like dad she never came back lmao
11 months ago
Holy Shit! Rebel has no gag reflex & I am here for it. Goddamn, my pubes are actually tickling her nostrils. She's not just giving me a typical blow job, but straight up attacking my dick & balls without mercy. She's a human Oreck. I have no idea if I'm in a hospital room or what? The set is so cheesy I'm just going with it. It's funny to me how someone as petite as Rebel can take so much dick in her no problem while someone like Elena Koshka plays it like it's too much & will break her. Anyway, I mentioned in a comment from "Seeking Approval" how uncomfortable Jessica Jones must have been twisting her neck to eat out Sierra Nicole. Now I got Rebel literally standing on her head to shove her pussy in my face. Now THAT has to be a tad on the uncomfortable side. Sure, I'm supporting her with my hands, but I just woke from a coma. All it takes is one slip. I'm a little worn out with all the fucking & sucking on this one. Helluva ride, tho. 🍺
2 years ago
I almost passed up this scene, because I wasn't that attracted to Rebel Lynn, but jesus christ is this girl an amimal in the sack. She sucks cock like a woman posessed. I could care less about the shoes on or off, personally i prefer heels over sneakers. The only crime in this video was not to get Nikki Diamond more involved. Personally I think she is one of the hottest girls you guys have ever had on here. Her one scene that she did with you guys was one of the hottest VR scenes ever filmed. Is there any reason you haven't invited her back?
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