Seeking Approval

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88 min  •  19 September, 2017

Your new girlfriend Jessica Jones is great at fucking and bad at relationships. She's done with heartbreak and looks to her friends for approval. Today you'll be the one put to the test as Jessica introduces you to her BFF, Sierra Nicole! Sierra is in the shower so Jessica decides to indulge with you first. Sierra walks in and gives two thumbs up before joining in. You've got the green light for hot threesome fun!

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Comments (37)
11 months ago
Jessica looks so familiar, but can't think who she reminds me of. I love those nipples like little dark chocolate kisses. And the way she licks underneath the head of my dick while it's still in my shorts. (the frenulum - I just googled that) I laughed when Sierra got out of the shower wearing a towel, then revealed she had green panties on underneath. Who puts on their underwear first & then wraps themselves in a towel? Loved the visual of Sierra sucking my cock between Jessica's legs as I was eating Jessica. About 43 minutes in Jessica was eating Sierra in a weird position where her neck was twisted all the way up. The couldn't have been comfortable. I was getting a twinge in my neck just watching it. During the close-up of Jessica tonguing Sierra's asshole is when I noticed Jessica needs to redo her nails, asap! Sierra, next time you go the nail salon take Jessica with you. 💅 Love the sqeals & squeak coming from Sierra, & both girls did great. I laughed again when the cumshot went right up Sierra's nose & into her eye. 💦😂 The only thing wrong was the end when they didn't think I'd want to kiss them when they had a mouthful of cum. Think again. I'm all for it. Don't be afraid! Except for that one teensy tiny nitpick this was an excellent scene. Whew! 🔥

This & "Rebel Therapy" were on the schedule for yesterday, but forgot about the holiday. Oh, well. Better late than never.
11 months ago
Jumping on here real quick to say I had planned to watch this scene & "Rebel Therapy" today, but never took Thanksgiving into account when making this schedule. Now I'm stuck in a house full of people I hate. Fuck! 😧
2 years ago
good shores nice facial

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