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7KShe Took Everything!

44 min  •  16 July, 2021

Michelle Anthony has been a dedicated babysitter but now that your wife has up and left AND took EVERYTHING, Michelle has some extra time on her hands. She arrives to hear the news and from the looks of it, your old ball and chain really cleared the place out. There IS one big thing you got to keep on your way to Splitsville and that big thing is in your pants! Left with an empty house, there's no date night for you this week, but now that Michelle is here, she'll be your shoulder to cry on and your pussy to fuck on!

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Comments (20)
Stop hiring hobbits to fuck these girls.
Was able to sneak in a scene today and after seeing "daddy talk" in the comments I went for it. (dare say some of us desperately need that as a tag)

Great scene. She's a pretty little thing. Standing BJ was awesome, love the bit of face fucking. Good hard doggie. Riding was good, glad we got some squats on both sides. Per usual, never enough spanking, though I was happy to hear a "yes, daddy" after one of them (can always use more "spank me-"/"smack my ass-"/"choke me, daddy"s ;)).

Didn't have much problem with close-up mish. Maybe slightly off but it was fine. Tilted it up a little bit, good to go. Perhaps mish as a whole went on a little long, but I was half in a hurry and half just ready to bust. Always worry that there won't be any "daddy talk" during the cum begging (especially facials!) but did not have that problem here which made me very happy.

This is why I prefer the dude finishing himself off though. I guess I get the desire to have the girl finish but if you want a steady cumshot you gotta let the guy do it. There was some in the mouth and on the face, but it was really another "cum wildly everywhere" finish. Which I guess some people could be in to. Me, I like big globby facials.

But all in all solid scene. She looks great here. Also, dare I say, redhead? 🤔
Not natural, but, hair was pretty red. And sexy. Wanted to grab it on several occasions..
Might just be my hair thing. 🤷‍♂️ 😛
2 days ago
Great video and addition to the WankzVR library of VR porn.

Michelle is beautiful. Loved the intro and the daddy talk. Great BJ's. I would have loved to have seen some big O's from her, but otherwise, she did a great job.

Stunt cock did a great job. Nice dick, good fucking, top notch use of hands. I was very happy with his performance.

Action was good. Enjoyed it throughout. I took the majority of VR screenshots during the bj scenes, especially when he had both hands around her head and she's looking up at him while sucking on the end of his dong (shivers). it was also great when he used one hand to caress her cheek and chin. It was just a nice, intimate touch. Cowgirl was close, but it looked cool. I liked it.

Technical aspects. Flawless as usual lately. Resolution, clarity, colors, angles (personal opinion) where great. Especially the colors. I think Wankz really does a fantastic job at displaying natural, beautiful colors. Their videos look good.

Good job, guys.
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