Solitary Seduction

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44 min  •  29 August, 2017

You're the big man in the Cell Block and as a badass prison guard, you let these dangerous ladies know their place. Anna de Ville has been a troublemaker so you put her in your own special brand of isolation. The lacy lingerie and glass dildo you leave in her cell serves as a reminder to what comes next. Anna welcomes the distraction and that's when things heat up. She's hungry for cock and you'll fill her in every way possible. It looks like you're the one in the hole!

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Comments (56)
6 months ago
Whaat?! Twice in one day the stupid jail is in the scene. I thought I saw the last of it in *Conjugal Cuckold*, but here it is again. Whatever 🙄

Why does Anna want me to take the leg irons off her when she could easily pass her feet thru them? She could climb over the bars as well. 😑

Anna is a beautiful woman when she's not smashing her head into my face. And she makes me feel like [Willie] when fucking her. 🎅

Or she did before she shot me dead. 💀⚰️
5 years ago
This was a good scene please bring her back she is my favorite type of girl and and her acting was good. The dirty talking was good change and I liked it as a change from the other girlfriend type movies (they are still good when you are in the mood for them though!).

I liked the anal and ass to mouth deep throat you don't see a lot of that in VR which she seemed to enjoy from what I could tell which made it enjoyable.

Some of the angles were off but overall great video and I will watch it more then once! However, the ending was a surprise that I wouldn't want to see in all her movies.

If she came back for a step daughter or sister role that would be hot :).
5 years ago
This is why I love VR. Anna is one of those ladies that I saw in thumbnails here & there, but I always passed over. In this scene I have her right in my face and wow she is insanely beautiful! I wasn't a big fan of being shot after a creampie though lol. Please bring her back in a more intimate setting
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