Tailgate Tag Team

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51 min  •  20 September, 2016

At long last, football is back! You're at your neighborhood sports bar where good times are always on tap. After knocking back some shots, you kick back with your buddies and check out the hot waitresses, Gina Valentine, Liza Rowe and Kimber Woods. They're all so fucking sexy. You'd give anything to get with any of them... All of them if you could. Wait, what's this? The girls are doing a raffle and the winner gets a private party?! Touchdown!

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Comments (63)
11 months ago
Gina - Day 2

Last time I was here for Liza & was disappointed. This should have been a Gina & Kimber scene from the get go. Liza who? Bah! 😩 Skipping past that

I like when Kimber comes in, but she gets too close in my face when kissing me. I don't like the way I'm positioned laying flat on the pool table either. I make that sorta okay by adjusting, but it ain't perfect.

RCG not crazy about, but facing you CG was much better. I love Gina's hairy pussy & watching it ride me. And LOVE when both girls took turns with their pussies in my face. That is what I wanted from Liza & didn't get. Both are cute. Kimber with the freckles on her nose, & Gina's flawless complexion. Kimber 's beauty is more unconventional while Gina's will make a guy stop dead in his tracks, babbling & forgetting his own name.

And what's with the dude sitting on the sofa? Watching tv, petting the dog, totally ignoring the hot sex happening behind him. 😕 😂

Second half of this movie is great! The first half not so much. 🥃🥃
12 months ago
Still to this day one of Gina's hottest outfits imo. I think this was the vid that turned me into a Gina megafan.
12 months ago
Everything Gina & Kimber did I wanted from Liza. I see I've already commented. Well, I stand by that as far as Liza is concerned. She kept trying to stuff money down her shirt & ended up just throwing it on the floor. Some of the kissing was nice, blow job good, fucking facing away good, facing me not so good. She was too close most of time. When she leaned back being held by Gina that was good, but didn't last long. Liked when Gina kissed her neck, tho. That was hot. And then ... she vanished. Literally! Then it turned into a different movie. Don't worry @dlstalker if you're reading this. This doesn't count as a Gina comment. I'm gonna circle back later for that. But as a longtime Liza fan this was disappointing. 😢
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