The Hangover

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57 min  •  8 November, 2016

What a night! You partied so hard last night that you don't even remember what happened! And by the looks of it, neither does Anna Morna. She looks at you and swears up and down that you guys hooked up but she's not quite sure. She wants to have sex with you to see if she remembers. Why don't you help jog her memory?

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Comments (17)
9 months ago
Holy Fucking Shit! I can't breathe. 😓

Anna is talking to me, but I'm having trouble paying attention. Looking in her beautiful eyes, messy bed head of hair, & smile is causing me a series of mini-strokes. God damnit she's sooo hot. It really isn't funny how hot she is! 🔥 Something about Princess Leia, blah blah, jedi sex, blah blah, it's all a blur. I snap out of my daze when she talks about boning me, rock hard as I touch her breasts thru her top. Then she turns to get something to drink & that ass ... that cute hot little ass. I've gone from mini-strokes to full on seizure! Well, it felt like it anyway. I'm trying not to pass out from her sheer presence. 😓

Inside, after she strips, kisses me & shows off her amazing body she lays flat on the pool table. She seems to struggling to suck my dick. Gagging & choking on it. She is sweating profusely all the alcohol she drank last night. She smells like stale bourbon & I am loving it!

Maybe I'm loving it too much cause I lasted 4 minutes tops after sliding my dick into her tight pussy. 💦 I'm worn out in the best way possible. 🥰

Another thing I noticed when watching again later is the last 18 minutes you can make the sliding door into a mirror scene. Fun! Easily the best movie I've seen this week. 🥰💦 🥃🍻
2 years ago
Here's to hoping we get a remaster of this scene soon!
3 years ago
she look sexy and then she also got nice sweat in missionary
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