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52 min  •  9 June, 2017

Your sister's hot friend Whitney Wright is always poking around your house. Just when you think you have the place to yourself she appears, but today Whitney's timing couldn't be better. She discovers you've been watching virtual porn and her curiosity takes over. She marvels at the VR boobs on display in front of her and it turns her on. You take advantage of the empty house and you both enjoy a techno-fuck trip into virtual reality and beyond!

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Comments (138)
6 days ago
> @FatPapaTony Plus, um, OUCH at 32:21. I felt that in my own lower back. Jeez! 😬

She plays it off so well. You know that smarted like crazy.
1 week ago
Whitney has the most gorgeous eyes. And that big beautiful ass! She sure did look cute in her pink crop top & cut-off jean shorts? 🥰

Pretty nice all the way through. In close up mish I could stare in her eyes all night. ❤️
And it was hot when she turned to put her arm around my neck in standing doggy. 😓

But it was around 34:00 when her titties are in my face & she's grinding that clit ring while riding my dick 💦💦💦💦

Then a few minutes later I'm kicking myself for not having waited until RCG when her back is all sweaty & her long black hair is starting to stick. 😭 Oh well, next time. 😜
Plus, um, OUCH at 32:21. I felt that in my own lower back. Jeez! 😬

The only thing I don't like is the room cluttered with a bunch of garbage toys & action figures. Not just this movie, but there are more than a few of them. And all from the same house too. 😒 I can't tell you how much I hate that. Oh well, could be worse. It's not like I have boxes upon boxes filled with shitty toys lying out in the backyard or anything ...
5 years ago
my god this girl is incredible, im pretty sure that orgasms were real!!! please film again with her, such a good energy
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