Today is Anal Day

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47 min  •  6 December, 2016

Today is unlike any other day. Because today you get to try something new. Something raw. You've been teasing your girl, Harley Jade about sticking it in her ass for awhile now, but today she's actually down to let you do the most intimate of all sex acts! This is a huge step for you guys. Are you ready?

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Comments (46)
10 months ago
WOW! Not in a million billion kajillion years would I guessed this was Harley Jade. But the proof is there on her left pointer finger. Let's see ... when was this made? December 2016. A mere 5 years, & what a difference. She looked great then & she looks great now. Mind blown! 🤯
Unfortunately, the first 30 minutes of this movie are not so good. Everything is waaay too close up & looks a lot larger than it should. I did laugh when somebody ran outside to pick up a dog. 15:04 Who was that anyway? I like to think it was a lowly unpaid intern flunky whose job is to chase after the dog & clean up its 💩. 😂 At about 30 minutes in we are now fucking Harley in her tight butthole & this time we are not too close. The last 16 minutes were awesome! At 37:06 she gave a liitle look as she was shoving my cock back in her ass & I came. Had about 9 minutes to go, so I watched as stunt cock came when she was stroking him with both hands & mouth. How lame is that? If you're gonna fuck her in the ass then come in her ass goddamnit! Liked when she twerked on him at the end & gave him a few pecks. Next time I'll skip the first half hour & get to the good stuff. 🍺🥃
4 years ago
@wvr_tim please let's get harley back as a contract model. That would be a dream come true.
5 years ago
the file HIGH Vive 1920p 60fps for this scene states it's 6.6 gb. but when I download it it says 13 gb?
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