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37 min  •  5 March, 2016

With VR porn, there are no limits or taboos. In this scene, live out the outrageously hot fantasy of having two babes at once! Your wife, Jenna Jay just came home and she brought hot female friend, Zoey Monroe with her! Just put on your VR headset and sit back and enjoy the show as these two gorgeous girls ride the stripper pole and then take turns riding your dick! With fully immersive VR technology, you aren't just watching porn, you are INSIDE the porn! Go ahead and enjoy that threesome you've always wanted! This VR porn scene is compatible with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and of course, the Oculus Rift! Bring your porn to life!

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Comments (21)
10 months ago
Another 2016 Era Wankz where everyone is Billy Barty. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I came here for Zoey, but got distracted by the male talent talking. And is that Mr. Pete? It is! I don't recall ever seeing him in any other scene. Of course, I'm still making my way through & haven't seen every scene ... Yet! I'm working on it, but Wankz doesn't make it easy by adding a couple every week. 😂

Anyway, this a throw away. I'll be doing a brush up on _Roommate Rebound_ before watching one I haven't seen _Worth the Wait_. I hope it is worth the wait. 🥃🍻
10 months ago
I never post on this site, but let me get this straight... Jenna Jay is 45 years old in this video? OMG!!! Please bring her back for MilfVR and please remaster!
2 years ago
Weighing in here, it's cool to see that many of the common complaints were addressed years ago and that new standards have taken root.

This conversation did get me thinking about male models and interaction in VR porn. I do agree with comments here in that interaction is natural during sex and it can really enhance the experience. However, like many others, when it is shot in PoV, hearing a voice behind the camera feels like I have some dude coaching me and the girl(s) through and I find it a tad uncomfortable.

That being said, I would be interested in seeing a smattering of 3rd person scenes. I know there are a small handful out there, but I think more would add just a bit of variety and offer a bit of voyeur satisfaction. Then the models can talk all they like and it wouldn't be so unsettling.

Anyway, will post an idea to the scene suggestions thread, but this vid and subsequent comments got me thinking...
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