Wake Up Call

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53 min  •  12 September, 2017

Start your day with a balanced breakfast that includes pussy! Sexy Kali Roses has a special surprise lined up for you as you wake to find her already wearing favorite lingerie. She has an early AM craving for dick and decides to take advantage of your raging morning wood. Kali eagerly wraps her lips around your shaft then begs for the deep, satisfying penetration she's been craving. Pound Kali's tight shaved vag all over the room and never hit the snooze button again!

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Comments (68)
4 weeks ago
I have never seen the outro for this scene. I really like that she appears on the balcony with a blunt similar to Misty Stone Oral Fixation. Now I can smoke a blunt with Misty Stone and Kali Roses! This is awesome! Old school Kali Roses is hot also. Thanks Kali Roses and thanks WankzVR!
2 years ago
Kali - Day 1
HOLY FUCKING SHIT! If this only the first day I'm in for one helluva ride come the next 2 1/2 weeks. Kali is not only pretty, she's Super Model Pretty! The white lingerie & pig tails - Yeah! Unsnap that button & show me your pussy! The way she turned around & rubbed her pussy in my face was sublime. The way she rubbed it up & down my face is the only way I can excuse no hands, so nice one on that. Yeah, grind my dick thru the covers. An expert at going down on cock. CG & she's getting sweaty & taking off her shoes! Yay! Baby! Please don't stop putting your feet in my face! Why did it have to end so soon? I'll give you a shrimp job like you'll never forget? No? Oh well, maybe in later scenes. Love the way her pig tails are getting matted down with sweat. 23:32 Oh no! Lord help me! Prone! That's it. I'm done. I busted the last nut I have for today.... I'm a spectator now. I loved the rest & can't wait 'til a second viewing - close up mish, RCG, etc ,,,, Now for the ending. "That was the best morning ever. Let's finish it off with a blunt" Oh, hell yeah! I just happen to have one to my right. I had to take the headset off real quick to find it & my lighter. i don't think I ever moved that fast for a VR porn before. 😂 But there I was sharing a blunt with Kali Roses. I felt it when she blew the smoke in my face. I couldn't quite figure out how to replicate her shotgunning to me, but goddamnit I will! God, she looked good standing there naked smoking. Then the dog came out. "Hey, what am I? Chopped liver? You fucked & smoked, now feed me motherfuckers!" 😂😂😂 16 more days to go! Pray I make it. 💦💦💦

ps- I've read enough comments on these forums to know T Stone is not well liked around these parts. Jealousy talking. Who is getting paid to actually fuck Kali, & who is paying to pretend to fuck Kali? 🧐
3 years ago
Just wanted to say you did a great job with the remastering.
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