WankzVR Rebound Squad

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70 min  •  3 March, 2017

Ever since your girlfriend broke your heart, you've secluded yourself in your apartment and turned to self-medication to soothe your woes. Your ex really knows how to stick it in and twist, doesn't she? Then, your door bell rings. It's the WankzVR Rebound Squad with Janice Griffith and Naomi Woods! It turns out that your best mates all chipped in to cheer you up!

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Comments (112)
5 months ago
Naomi is looking more beautiful each time I see her. 🥰
Janice is hot as well 🔥 if a bit ... is toothy a word? Damn, the smile was starting to freak me out a bit. 😱

I have another movie to watch & not a lot of time, so quickly. I didn't like this at all. Except the sock on Damon's dick. That was funny. 🤣🤣🤣
7 months ago
This is one of the scenes that has made my very short 5 star list. I was surprised to hear Janice wasn't really into it because I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Maybe I'm just poor at reading people I guess.

But wow, everything about her 😍. Hearing that we will likely never see her again is both sad and thrilling. Kinda like breakup sex or seeing the girl of your dreams getting off the bus you are on... motivation to savor every minute. Luckily for us she is digitally immortalized here so we can revisit this scene as often as we want. Still, though, it is an unmitigated tragedy that we will never see her in 7k or beyond.

Oh, and Naomi was great as always too.
3 years ago
One of the few positives about this Covid quarantine situation has been these remastered scenes and the fact that no new Wankz material provides plenty of time to revisit these classics. There are so many scenes in the WVR catalog that, like this one, are absolutely AMAZING and yet I watched only one time and have never gone back to. I also enjoy revisiting these scene threads and remembering the conversations that were going on in the forum three plus years ago. A few random thoughts from my most recent viewing:

- Knowing how Janice felt about filming VR at the time, her performance in this scene is really quite good. I will never judge someone who says that shooting VR is awkward, uncomfortable, silly, etc. I really do think it has to be difficult to imagine you're being intimate with a real person when you just have a weird looking camera rig in front of you. Not everyone is going to want to do that, and even then not many will do it well. I can see Janice's nervous energy when I rewatch this scene, but I think she kind of channels it into a giggly playfulness that kind of works. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's HOT AF!!!
- I had forgotten how fucking good that pussy eating was with Janice underneath Naomi right in front of us. My god, I think Janice has one of the most beautiful mouths I've ever seen and seeing that mouth pleasuring a beautiful woman so close to us is heavenly!
- I had also forgotten how impossibly perky and firm Naomi's tits are.
- I don't think I ever made it to the cumshot the first time I watched it. Janice seemed like she was being goofy with it, but she obviously knew what she was doing, because it got him off right in her mouth. I found it difficult to cum to myself, but I still got a kick out of seeing it.
- Great job on the remaster. The scene looks fantastic!

Anyway, thanks again to the wankz team for the effort on these scenes. I, for one, am really enjoying these walks down memory lane.
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