Whitney Westgate

  • 128kviews
  • Birthday:
    31 January 1994
  • Birth place:
    Middletown, New Jersey, USA
  • Height:
    5'6" (167cm)

Come face-to-face with the raw intensity of Whitney Westgate! This XXX adult star has been in the biz since 2012 and she was even nominated for Hottest Newcomer in 2013. Since her hardcore debut, Whitney has been featured in an impressive number of lesbian sex, anal and other hardcore and even nonsex roles. She's originally from New Jersey but this East Coast girl has been breaking hearts all around the globe. AT 5-foot-6, Whitney uses her fit body and delicious curves to take the spotlight. Enjoy her in virtual reality today.

Boxed Lunch
Wild Wild Westgate
Edicktion Notice Energetic Slut
Red Light District

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